Sideways: An Immersive Digital Installation

To showcase News Corp Australia's innovations in content and advertising, I conceived, pitched and co-produced the 'Sideways Experience' for GroupM's Mlab showcase. The Mlab event is a chance for the leading brands in media and technology to present their vision of the future to GroupM's Australian clients. Winning the pitch allowed News Corp to feature at the event alongside the likes of Tesla.

The 'Sideways Experience' was a fully immersive four room walkthrough presentation. Audience members were taken on a consumer journey through content. As they physically moved through the presentation, at each stage, whether on a bus or in a coffee shop, they were shown how News Corp's content would be designed to fit with their daily lives. Content had been redesigned for the experience and new technology used such as interactive video advertising, NFC and iBeacons.  

Sideways fundamentally changed the way Australia's main brands saw the business.